Homeschooling Advantages

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Is homeschooling the better option? Sure, it may not be for everyone. Maybe the disadvantages intimidate you. However, each decision we make, as parents, has at least one disadvantage. We must decide whether the advantages outweigh the cost. Therefore, before you jump to conclusions, let’s take into consideration some of the benefits homeschooling can offer. Homeschooling is more cost effective. Homeschooling provides many benefits such as the elimination of bullying, better test scores, children can work at their own pace, and families have more time together.
Homeschooling is more cost effective than sending children to public schools. In my area for students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch, the price for each school year, per child, is $423 based on a 180-day school year. School supplies aren’t cheap; according to the article Mommy Edition, schools usually send home a list of mandatory supplies that will be kept at the end of the year (2017). The cost of school pictures and year books can be anywhere between $25 and $100 per child. Then there are activities such as sports, clubs, and field trips. My parents despised the day I brought home a fundraiser packet. Public schools push this on parents because children see the prizes not the prices. One year I sold candy for a school fundraiser. My brother and I ended up eating more than I sold, and this left my parents having to pay $156 for what was missing. Otherwise, my grade card would have been withheld.

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