Homeschooling Is An Effective Education

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Mahatma Gandhi once said "There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” Homeschooling has evolved into a popular and fast growing alternative to traditional schooling. In 2003, there was an estimated of 1.1 million homeschooled children, and in 2007 homeschooling had continued to grow to over 1.5 million. Opponents of the homeschooling method argue that parents are not as qualified to educate their children as teachers are; therefore, their children will not measure up to the academic level of traditionally schooled children. Additionally, they argue that homeschooled children will not be on the same social level as children in regular schools and will lack adequate social skills for the real world. Parents of home school children believe these arguments only come from lack of knowledge about the homeschooling system. Providing a thorough education while ensuring student’s academic and social success, homeschooling is an excellent alternative to traditional schooling. (Rivero) One of the oppositions against homeschooling is, parents are not on the same caliber as school teachers; therefore, depriving their children of a complete education. The challenge of homeschooling is if parents are qualified as teachers. Even if parents have a degree in one subject, they are not necessarily qualified to teach other subjects in great depth. Furthermore, opponents dispute that a parent 's desires to home school their kids should not be fulfilled…
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