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Weekend Writing 09: Homework Sucks, or Does it?
Many students in school struggle to complete piles of homework assigned to them each night. Some wonder if homework is really critical to learning, and many wish homework wouldn’t exist at all. These people argue that homework is overwhelming and it takes away most of their free time at home and is just “busy work”. While some people may feel this way, I personally believe that homework is a key point of learning because it teaches time management and helps solidify what was learned during the day.
Homework was first introduced to American schools around 1940. During this time, many students were not as invested in getting good grades. This was because there were other things that interested students; like farming or serving in the military. At that time, there were many valued occupations that didn’t require rigorous education and with WWII going on many had their minds elsewhere. Colleges were much easier to get into because there was less competition for spots. Because of that, working hard at school wasn’t as necessary at it is now since good grades didn’t pave the road to success like it does today. Since students didn’t try as hard and weren’t as focused, of much the information they learned during the day was quickly forgotten. Teachers, who realized this, decided to develop a strategy to force to students to recall what they learned throughout the day; They decided to force students to do take home work to retain

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