Homophobia And Discrimination

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Discrimination and prejudice against sexual minorities are a major social concern in the U.S. today (Rivers, 2011). The stigma towards homosexuals can be a hinder to a healthy identity development and can cause a context of isolation and tension. This discussion talks about the insight and deviance, which violators of important social norms are therefore stigmatized. Hence, deviants are believed to be different from normal people and are set apart. When the social norms are violated, they could be tolerated or even ignored. However, important principles are discussed to help understand social deviance in sexual orientation. Therefore, understanding the link between homophobia and the gender role conflict in connection to other cultural…show more content…
The offenders tend to believe that others approve their behavior and actions and hence see no wrong in it e.g., the trend of job discrimination in most states of the U.S which is legalized (Palmer, 2011). Furthermore, homophobia being a community problem is extensively seen in the identification of gender roles. These stereotypes hold firmly that certain genders e.g. the male group are very firm and characterized by strength. Hence, unlike the female groups that are emotional and not strong enough. Homophobia is addressed more towards gay males than it would towards gay females. Hence, making men more likely to perpetrate violence towards gay men. The traditional and sexist stereotypes may make those with homophobia view gay men and lesbian’s women as being a threat to their traditional heterosexual conceptions of masculinity. Researchers have shown men experiencing conflict, which relates to four domains of a male gender role: These gender roles consist of success, power, and competition. Researchers have also concluded that religion is interconnected to homophobia. These conventional beliefs are also entrenched in the social and cultural facilities, for example, families and religious institution (Palmer, 2011). The religions teach prejudice towards the gay community. Hence, this puts religious fundamentalist as being closed- minded, which causes them to have negative reactions to those whom seems as a threat to their
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