Homophobia And Hate Crime

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There are a lot of things that are wrong in our world today. From crime running wild on the streets to there being homelessness wherever we turn. There are things that we can fix, but there are others that just cannot be. We are humans after all; we all have our flaws, we all have our secrets, we have our weaknesses. There are just some things that can never be fixed. Hatred and unrationalizable actions being a few of these things. Every once in a while there is a major crime that sweeps the nation. The reasons for this can vary from mass shootings, police shootouts, the pure shock or the crime or many other reasons. One of these crimes that swept the nation was the horrible act committed against Matthew Shepard.
According to some of those who were lucky enough to know Shepard stated that when moved to …show more content…

This play shows how a community tries to come together after a horrible death takes place in their usually quiet town and to help “grant life in the memory of one who no longer lives” (Lippert, 2010). However, this is unfortunately not the viewpoints of everyone. A Baptist Minister, when asked about how he felt about the victim very strongly said that “Now as for the victim, I know that the lifestyle is legal, but I will tell you one thing. I hope that Matthew Shepard as he was tired to that fence… that before he slipped into a coma he had a chance to reflect on his lifestyle” (Lippert, 2010). On the other hand, another prominent priest in community voiced his opinion that he does not approve of “those homosexuals”, but he does not think that they deserved what those two boys did; no one deserves it. (The Laramie Project, 2012). A large portion of the citizens had a viewpoint that sort of fell in the middle. One of these “middle ground” viewpoints shared by a

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