Homophobia Essay

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Homophobia Through the years it would be delightful to believe that society has gotten more accepting of minorities. While in many ways this is true, it is also a false statement as well. The United States has gone through leaps and bounds over the last century. Women were the first to win their rights, and after that African Americans broke through the barriers of oppression. Since both of those movements only took a good hundred years to happen, how long will it be before the United States accepts gays? Gays have rights, and are not faced with the same challenges as women and blacks were, but they are not being treated as equals. There are thousands more homosexual assaults than any other minority. Gays…show more content…
Many homophobes can trace their fear of homosexuality to their defensiveness about their own homosexual tendencies. This theory is one that has been around for some time, since Freud's time actually. Freud believed that heterosexual men who fear homosexual men do so because they defend against their own feelings for men( Goleman 3). Though old, this theory is still the diagnosis of many present homophobes. Many men are frightened by the thought that they mat have a gay neighbor, and this fear is shared by the children. About 75% of high school kids say they would not like to have a gay neighbor(Goleman 2). Not much has changed, and nothing will continue to change as long as people continue to fear homosexuality. " Love the sinner, hate the sin."(Bible) This is what should be taught to the youth, instead the Bible is used as a weapon against gays. People's minds, once they are made, are extremely difficult to change. Many people are set in their beliefs, and a common belief is that gays are evil. The Bible may say that homosexual relations are wrong, but never once is it preached in the holy book to hate another person. Many homophobes have never even known a gay person, and most if not all have never had a gay friend. Therefor, there entire hatred for gays is based on the grounds of hearsay and whatever society has to offer. Society offers very little positive
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