Nurture over Nature: the Benefits of Having Same Sex Parents

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Nurture Over Nature: The Benefits Of Having Same Sex Parents
Stephanie Cuellar
March 21, 2013
Nick Courtright

Nurture Over Nature: The Benefits Of Having Same Sex Parents
Many people from older generations argue that same sex parenting is an abomination resisting any other insight into what is truly best for children. But it is true that hundreds of thousands of children are placed in foster care awaiting their forever families, and these children should not be denied a permanent family because of narrow mindedness. It does not take a scientist to figure that two people of the same sexual orientation cannot biologically conceive a child on their own; therefore adoption is the only option homosexuals have. While adoption …show more content…

Because these children are less likely to undergo physical and/or emotional abuse it is probable they will respond appropriately to stress later in life. It seems to be a given that the children who are fortunate enough to have a healthy upbringing are liable to be successful in life without the emotional baggage abuse can create. Because homosexuals are more apt to accept their children’s personalities and nurture a child’s differences it may prevent the child from rebelling or making disastrous decisions that could lead them to be incarcerated and other things of that sort.
The United States of America is largely populated by the Christian religion, in which their views are believed that it is against Gods will for two people of the same sex to engage in relations. Yet, some lesbians and gays practice religion and some even consider themselves to be Christians. These homosexuals that practice religion believe that God does not judge them by their sexual preference but by their actions. As for any person that has studied the Bible, they are aware that it states Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we are made brand new. Which means God does not hold a grudge against anyone for any reason. Most of the Christians that are close minded on same sex couples existing are from older generations where people did not advertise their differences as they

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