Homosexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Many people believe and have debated whether or not homosexuality is a choice that one freely makes, while others believe a combination of genetics, hormones and environment have a factor in one’s sexuality and sexual development. Homosexuality is something one cannot choose to be. Primarily, homosexuality can be defined as a romantic or sexual attraction that involves people of the same gender. Male homosexuals are referred to as gays while the female ones are called lesbians. Ideally, since time immemorial, there have been controversies worldwide whether homosexuality should be allowed or banned in the society. In the same way, there have been cases where people are segregated in the community because they are gays or lesbians. Notably, the United States of America is among the countries that have legalized homosexual relationships and marriages. However, in other countries that have traditional cultures, homosexuality is usually going against the ethics and ethos of the community and whoever is involved may be shamed, persecuted, prosecuted (jailed), or disowned by the community. The Western world has been pressuring and influencing many countries that has diverse cultures that do not allow people of the same gender to get married or be in relationships to change their views and policies However most countries are still attached to their culture and values. Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of homosexuals living in those countries, but they choose to live private

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