Sexual Orientation's Effect on Society Essay

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There are many issues that have arrived in our culture that may conflict with a traditional viewpoint. Day by day, I see people parting from conservative life styles to those that are flamboyant and boisterous. I can’t pin point just one group or sector of people, beliefs, or ideologies that is morally altering the future generations; but I will expound on sexual orientation and how it affect us, socially, emotionally, and politically. There is a vast array of ideas being dispensed that affects multiple areas of our lives as a nationwide community. However, ones choice of lifestyle poses the real challenge. Would it be the one where you live as a morally upright citizen in an ever corrupting world, or is it the one where you…show more content…
With love, this affection is placed on display; and the displayers lost the conviction of such acts, and the shame behind what they felt for each other. Now such lifestyles can be seen broadcasted during television parades and conventions, thus coining the terms, “gay pride” and “lesbians lovers“. The support that these individuals receive is commonly from one another and support groups. There are many lobbyists who have rallied on their behalf as well as them themselves. There is much support needed as these individuals suffer physical attacks. One popular person is Matthew Sheppard; he lost his life due to such outrages of two young men. There are many things that people do that the general public may not agree with but what happened to him was unwarranted. For some reason, this is a group of people who are constantly attacked physically by the public; and often times the victims sexual orientation is readily identifiable so they are rendered as prey. However, I have not heard the news of a child molester being attacked. As a result of the physical attacks on the gay and lesbian community, a new law was enacted. In Section 9 of the hate crime bill, the government saw fit to protect these people The gay /lesbian population has fought for equal rights. The rights that they are fighting for is the right to be married. They believe they are in love and should be married regardless of what anyone

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