Hong Kong Disney Land Case Study Essay

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Assignment -1 Hong Kong Disney land case study. Question – 1 Which strategic action Disney took for consumer focused Initiative. As we all know that any company use the strategy for only 2 motives which is selling concept and marketing concept. Among them consumer is an important for only 2nd motive. On that concept there are four stages Here I am going to explain the planned action for target consumer focus. First of all, I can say that Disney is the world 's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth them park in the worldwide. Here also Disney has one purpose is strategically to reach the growing Chinese market. But Local residents of Hongkong understood that its country should be proud that it is selected as a fifth for having Disney theme park. So it’s a two way strategic action. Second this is used consumer decision making process for example, here the exaple of The lion king 3D which was released on September2011. The first stage in this process is the need recognition which is always a desired or dream need when it comes to Disney products. This "need" can be activated by external source through enormous advertising or positive reviews. The second stage is information search, here is an internal source because this movie based on the movie which seen by consumers Seventeen years ago so it search by personal experience. We can say it’s a non marketing source. Although kids want to see this

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