Hoover Dam, The Parthenon And Burj Khalifa

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What does the Hoover Dam, the Parthenon, and the Burj Khalifa all have in common? These structures all have a similar building element: concrete. Concrete is something that everybody comes in contact with every day, but almost no one thinks twice about. Concrete is something that is used for making something as minuscule as a block and something as grand as the world’s largest building. Concrete is not something that can be swept under the rug; however, the importance of concrete must be understood. Concrete is crucial life because it creates jobs, sustains the environment, and creates infrastructure. First concrete necessary because it creates jobs. According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), students who major in concrete industry management have a one hundred percent job placement (“This Major Rocks…”). Job placement in for NJIT is not an outlier for the industry. The other three colleges that have concrete industry management majors, California State University- Chico, Texas State University and Middle Tennessee State University, all share the same…show more content…
First, concrete durable. Concrete is something that will outlive other products up to three times over (“What Makes…”). In addition to durability, concrete is efficient. Concrete can be made with byproducts from power plants, and other aspects of manufacturing. Concrete is primarily made up limestone, the most abundant material on Earth. Above all of this concrete can be recycled. Concrete can be crushed and recycled into another structure or product, reducing the need to mine the limestone for production. Concrete also allows water to pass through which reduces the chance of flash flooding, erosion, and water table depletion as compared to other materials. This is a major check in the sustainability of concrete; the conservation of soil, landscape and ecosystems. Concrete is a very green option when it comes to building
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