Horrible Health Benefits Of Horror Movies

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Horrifying Health Benefits Every day a family watches various movies whether it romance, comedy, science fiction or even action. The most beneficial out of the many genres is that of horror. Horror movies have many unknown health benefits people find hard to believe. These movies help by improving on only your body but your mind as well. “How?” you may ask; it not only boosts your immune system but can also help you lose weight and even sharpens your mind to be more alert in any situation. Some people still might being finding this information hard to believe but as you continue to read you will gradually start to see the truth behind this. The general belief out there is that these movies are not healthy for you and often activate denser energies within the body. I have to say that I agree in some ways, but at the same time I never felt any negative effects personally other than the phobias I created in my own head about the girl from The Exorcist.
The Immune system is a unique system. It helps us fight of unwanted diseases like the flu, the common cold, or even a stomach virus. Researchers suggest that while people watch horror movies, their brain secretes chemicals. As a result, there is an increased brain activity, which makes the mind alert for a while. Additionally, threat signals that pass through the brain stimulate adrenal glands to produce adrenaline, which has an anesthesia (loss in the ability to feel pain) like effect. So yeah in a way your immune system is

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