Hospital And The Inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility

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In my research education and research is a necessary ongoing process for both the hospital and the inpatient skilled nursing facility. Whether, the hospital or the inpatient skilled nursing facility, both have to have consistent education for their employees. It was determined that proper education or inadequate education of the staff will affect patient care and the facility’s revenue. I chose education on “patient abuse”, because it is crucial for both types of facility’s longevity of their operations. In my facility they require patient abuse education for both clinical and non-clinical staff. The education process in composed of two phases. In the first phase of education the staff members view it on the internet, through our learning…show more content…
Consequently, in my facility patient abuse education is required annually by all staff. There are documented signs and symptoms of patient abuse allegation. Some identifiable signs are visible bruising on the patient, patient withdrawal, patient acting fearful, patient crying for no apparent reason, inappropriate behavior, and catastrophic reactions. Patient withdrawal is the patient not wanting to eat or socialize with others. The patient acting fearful around a specific individual or situation. A catastrophic reaction is when a patient reacts out of the ordinary to a normal stimuli. An example would be combing the patient’s hair, and they become hysterical with this normal stimuli. Patient abuse education is a critical concern in the healthcare industry. In my research I mentioned that the clinical educator performs the learning in-services for the clinical and non-clinical staff. In my facility the clinical educator is also the infection control nurse. Ms. Wright is a registered nurse from a four year university, with BSN credentials. Ms. Wright has the dual responsibility of patient abuse education for all staff and infection control training for the nursing staff. According to, B Liang, K. Lovett, T. Mackey, 2012, elder abuse is the result of inadequate patient abuse education. Ms. Wright has been a nurse for 15 years, and has seen a lot of patient abuse incidents as the result inadequate education training with staff.
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