Hospital Care At The Middle Georgia Area

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Located in the middle Georgia area is a military base town that has increase two fold in population in the last fifteen years. In this town is a hospital with the mission statement to improve the healthcare of the communities we serve by providing patient-focused, high quality, cost effective services while promoting health and wellness. In the last 6 years the hospital has added 75 inpatient hospital beds, remodel emergency department, open two outliers urgent care centers and expanded its cardiac services. This acute care hospital is surrounded by small rural counties with the nearest hospital located in 35 miles radius. With the new expansion of the cardiac line services and demanding need to decrease wait time in the emergency room, …show more content…

Second is consistent approach in using evidence –based clinical practice guidelines for the ACS and AMI clientele. Thirdly is the collection and analysis of the four performance measures for chest pain patients. If a chest pain centers program meets all of these qualifications will be awarded certification for a two year period. There are several strengths for starting a chest pain program at this particular facility. One is the location of the hospital. The hospital is located 45 minutes south of the nearest certified chest pain center. For our patient that lives in one of the rural counties it can be almost 90 minutes before they reach that facility. If the patient is having a true cardiac event, a quicker facility to get to may prevent irreversible damage to the heart. Second strength is the newly cardiac expanded services in 2011 the cardiac cath lab started performing percutaneous interventions. Cardiologists from surrounding hospitals have started performing procedures and referring patients to the facility. Third strength is the newly renovated cardiac cath lab. The cath lab has expanded to two more cardiac catherization room and electrophyics lab. Fourth strength is the redesign of the emergency room with new emergency room physicians and new leadership willing to incorporate change. The fifth strength it will have a strong community and military community support. The board and military community has always supported the facilities new

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