Hot Summer Love Amidst The Flame

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DeShawn Johnson
English 101
Little Scarlet
March 29, 2016

Hot Summer Love amidst the Flame

Little Scarlet a Walter Mosley adventure brought to us through the eye’s Ezekiel aka Easy Rawlins, takes us to the time during the Watts riot of 1965. Easy Rawlins is a private investigator who is sought out by LAPD Detective Melvin Suggs to solve the murder of an African American women Nola Payne. Easy is hesitant at first to act upon the request. Detective Suggs explains with the current dynamic of the city it would be almost impossible to get any leads, and worst they didn’t need another riot to break out. During the investigation Easy introduce us to many characters who would assist in him in his new expedition to catch a killer.

Raymond Alexander better known as Mouse is a street killer who is feared by many in South Central Los Angeles. Mouse is one of Easy Rawlins friends who migrated from Texas and is married to Etta Mae Harris. The heartless gangster loved women as much as he loved money. He would soon have to make a decision about one of his love interest. Mouse is short, with dark caramel complex and light gray eyes. Easy describes Mouse as a born gangster who has killing in his blood [cited 54]. Mouse and Easy are from different backgrounds, Easy being an ex-war veteran and Mouse a street hustler who makes his money anyway he can. Easy knows he can call on Mouse anytime because they are more like brothers than friends. Easy hits the street of Watts to find

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