How African American Woman Is Working Essay

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In this paper I will be investigate about how African American woman was working hard to become successful in the elegance of the society in the 1880s and years beyond that. Being
African American woman who is demanding to profitable to Nursing profession is a story of colored women fighting to overcome racial, social and economic injustice. In 1879s there was institutions, policy that only one African American students and one Jewish students could be enrolled in each training class at a time. Nevertheless, beforehand in general African American weren’t supposed to be educated to become anything not only men but particularly women.
There was a time of the period that if the owner of slaves sees the slaves with a book formerly they were punished physically and mentally. However, my main focused on this paper will be about how the chances of becoming a nurse are very low because of the opportunity that are out there for a colored woman.

The important historical experience of African Americans in our country has been shaped by the institution of slavery, dehumanization of blacks, segregation, pursuit of civil rights, and racism in contemporary American society. Disparities in health care provide compelling evidence that issues of race or skin color for the descendants of slaves and other ethnic minorities persist in the 21st century. Nurses providing care for African Americans must bridge the racial divide and incorporate culturally relevant content in the health history. As

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