Social Inequality : Bullying, Racism, And Appearance Inequality

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Social inequality has existed in this world for hundreds of years and affects millions of people each day including thousands of teenagers in America. Bullying, racism, and appearance inequality are some of the thousands that orbit this world like moons around a planet. There have been a manifold of efforts in order to raise awareness about these problems. Social inequality can never be erased from people 's lives like marker on a whiteboard, but such efforts including newspapers, songs, movies, books, and many more can be used as proactive tools to inform today 's people about the kinds of persecutions that exist in this world. We may not be able to stop it, but we can slow it down. One of the most rising problem that revolves among tennagers is bullying. The relationship between a bully and the person that is being bullied is quite unfair. The bully has the dominant power and uses it to overpower his victim. The victim of the bullying is unable to stand up to his or her bully because of size or strength, or mental ability. Many kids feel that they are unable to stand up for themselves and may believe what the bully is saying to them. One of the most aggressive forms of bullying is by physical force. The kid being bullied by may get hit, tripped, been shown mean hand gestures, and have their personal things destroyed or taken from them. Another type of bullying that should be recognized is known as social bullying. Leaving someone out or spreading rumors all fall

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