How Are Neurons Specialized For Communication? How Do Not Go Off Track Or Give?

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Answer each of the following questions and the separate parts of each question as completely and directly as possible. Do not go off-track or give “fluff” answers, as that could count against you.

1. (6pts) Diagram a neuron and label its components. In what ways are neurons specialized for communication? How do these specializations distinguish neurons from other types of cells?

The structure of a neuron consist of four main components dendrites, cell body also known as soma, synapse and axon. Dendrites collect signals coming in from other cells. The soma is responsible for assimilating signals coming in from the dendrites in order to create a signal traveling unidirectional through the axon. The axon stems from the soma, which
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In the organization of the Human Nervous System it is divided into sections such as the sensory system, which gathers and process information from the surrounding environment: motor systems which responds from environment by sending signals and information to facilitate movement behavioral responses and the associational system which is a meditator from most multifaceted and least problematic brain functions. Within these different functions of the nervous system it is divided into two components where these functions can happen the central nervous system that comprises of brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system that embodies nerves and ganglia.
Using Functional MRI helps to visualize the brain functionality through local metabolism. In this technology it allows the researcher to measure and track the brain functions by discovering the correlated changes in blood flow. From this functional Mri when a brain function is acted out the flow of oxygenated rich blood is detected and highlighted on the specific location where the functionality came from on the brain.
In study of neuropsychology we are able to learn about the brain structure and function. Then from that we are able to study the nervous system and the brain through neurobiology. In the study of neuropsychology we are now able to know that
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