How Aviation Industry Influenced By Information System Essay

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How aviation industry influenced by information system?

1. History:
Aviation industry evolved after the World war 3 almost at 1950. With the passage of time many advancement and changes occurred in this industry. But one of the most technical and informative changes that occurs in late nineties was the GPS and TCAS in the aircraft. At that time there was no much paper work in this industry to plan and integrate with others. But as the technology spread and new advancement became aviation industry also adopted it. Much other advancement which industry adopted was GBAS and ILS. But on the other hand industry have done much paper work at airport building to reduce this many new modules were adopted. When industry was not highly advanced people didn’t trust to fly because there was the much risk of accidents.
2. Introduction: Aviation is currently the fastest growing industry in the world. 75% of the total industry is owned by private companies mainly in the domestic markets. The aviation industry is growing at compound annual growth rate of 15%. Airline companies lease or own their aircrafts are into alliance with other companies with mutual benefits.
The aviation industry provides air transport services for passengers and cargo. The industry is categorized into domestic, international, intra-continental and intercontinental routes. Some companies are only into passenger or freight transportation whereas some are in both in national market and
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