How Business Is Not Sustainable

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Every business is initiated and run with the aim of making profits. As such, every employer must compel his or her employees to work hard to ensure that the business objectives are achieved. Additionally, every business, whether big or small in size have come to the realization that the traditional methods that were used to measure the performance of the business contribute little in matters of the shareholders. Notably, much of the decisions and the policies were meant to ensure that the company gunner maximum returns. However, it was without the consideration of the stakeholders and the employees involved in the running of the business. Also, many are the times when most employers forget to consider the environment that that their companies operate. Resultantly, the environment ends up getting impacted negatively by the enterprise operations. This means that the business is not sustainable. However, to ensure the sustainability of such a business, the management department ought to put more efforts other than focusing on the profits. As such, the overall management team has to consider every party involved in running of the company such as the employees, stakeholders, customers and the society as a whole. By incorporating all these members, the company will not only be taking care of its concerns but also the concerns of all other parties that are involved in its success. Consequently, the company may perform better than its average or gain the confidence of the parties
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