How Business Rules Can Be Carried Out With Precision And Accuracy

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In the almost 5 years of working in IT I have learned that Business Rules are just as important as the air we breath, without them we just can 't live. According to Servicenow a “business rule is a piece of JavaScript that runs when records are displayed, inserted, updated, or deleted, or when a table is queried”(2015). Business rules are extremely important in any work environment and without business rules it is hard to lead groups or individuals. What business rules provide is a straightforward procedure that can be followed by everyone to improve efficiency and cut down mistakes. Business rules are the key to success for today 's IT Departments that are constantly dealing with new problems.
Best Practice:
There are two main components that I learned at Maxwell ICT that make sure business rules can be carried out with precision and accuracy. Number 1, You need a team that will follow and implement the business rules you laid out. What good are rules if people don 't follow them? Number 2, You must find a way to establish your rules and you must make sure your rules solve a problem. There are a couple of best practice business rules that I have learned and I currently believe are essential. Number 1, always have a primary key, and if one is not given you should feel free to take the liberty to create one. Besides being a helpful factor it is almost an un-negotiable part any database being rational. In class we learned that according Codd the primary key is an essential

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