Duty Of Care Is A Legal Requirement

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Duty of care is a legal requirement which means you cannot choose whether to accept this duty or not. This duty starts as soon as a person is accepted as a service user and receives help, support or treatment.
In a Health and social care setting it involves working with people with lots of different variety of needs, hopes, wishes and backgrounds. Within the setting we have an organisation that is call ‘Duty of Care’ towards the people that cannot look after them self’s. This means that it is the careers responsibility to keep the individual (service users) safe from any harm, Abuse and injury they may cause to them self’s or others within that setting. ‘Duty of Care’ doesn’t only apply to care workers only it also applies to people that are on the premises have the same responsibility as the care workers. Even if you are not directly responsible for the care of a service users, you will still have owe them a duty of care.
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1.2; Describe how the duty of care affects own work role.
The duty of care is included into the codes of practice for different job roles and
Also in the job description and person’s requirement that you would receive when starting a new job. The codes of exercise are a set of rules that are outlining the
Responsibilities and goals for your job role, in order to conform to minimum
Standards. These rules signify the ethical and good standards of the organisation on how to perform; you are also expected to follow in your daily…
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