How Can A College Student Not Be Stressed?

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Sosnicki 1 MiChaela Sosnicki Shively ENG 101 1 December 2015 Title How can a college student not be stressed? College students who balance going to school and working have a high chance of being unsuccessful due to stress, lack of sleep, and financial issues. The responsibilities of taking college courses is a big weight on its own, but taking on a job, doing homework, and balancing personal life on top of that can really push a student to their limits. The key to staying successful through all these responsibilities is to have a time management plan laid out and organized to prevent the student from stressing out and not using their time to its best potential. Many students fail to have a successful time management plan, which is why they become stressed trying to balance everything at once. In a study at a Midwestern university whose participants varied in age, sex, their year in school, major etc., it was reported that the top four sources that cause stress in college students are from a change in sleeping habits, change in eating habits, the academic challenge of school work, and new responsibilities. Freshman specifically is more prone to this stress because of the new transition into the college lifestyle. Starting out as a freshman and already having a mindset of having too many responsibilities can set up a student to be unsuccessful right off the bat. They are not used to being away from home and being independent. They have never been held to the high

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