How Can Animal Testing Be Used For Biomedical Research

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Animal experimentation has been used for centuries for biomedical research. One of the earliest examples is Greek physicians such as Aristotle and Galen who conducted tests on animals to get a better understanding of humans and make advances in the field of science. This method of experimenting on animals is out of date in today’s advanced technological society. This discussion of using animal for experimentation has dominated societal conversations for many years now due to many reasons. This includes the fact that there are alternatives, it proves ineffective, and it violates federal law.

Over the years, scientists have found much more effective alternatives to animal experimentation which provides more accurate results. For example, Harvard's Wyss Institute invented a device which contained human cells that copied the human organs and organ system. This chip is called “organs-on-chips” and it provides a replica of, “ human physiology, diseases, and drug responses more accurately than crude animal experiments do ”(peta). By using these “organs-on-chips”, scientists could produce more benefiting medicines and release studies which would prove to be more successful than animal
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According to the Food and Drug Administration, 92% of drugs passed animal tests, but failed to work on humans. The humans who had used the animal certified drugs used on them, may also have an increased chance of getting life-threatening diseases or worse, death. For example, a study done by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that, “ Drugs intended to reduce inflammation in critically ill patients, previously tested in mice, failed in nearly 150 human critical trials” (livescience). This drug didn’t help the patients but probably even worsened their conditions. There are many other studies that show that animal experimentation is ineffective and there are places where the alternatives to it are
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