How Can Marijuana Cause Individual Differences?

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Day et al. (2012) explains that marijuana can cause individual differences in vulnerability among others, such as shortages in working memory and high trait impulsivity. The research study conducted an experiment that consisted of 104 frequent marijuana users; they examined the associations of working memory and trait impulsivity with marijuana-related problems. Results suggest that marijuana users with concentrated management, mental ability are more vulnerable to emerging complications associated with their use. They also found that trait impulsivity and executive working memory appear to be independent and may be experienced due to marijuana-related problems.
Budney et al. (1999) administered a research on fifty-four individuals who were seeking outpatient treatment for marijuana dependence. Their findings showed that the 57% indicated that they had experienced > six symptoms of at the least adequate harshness and 47% experienced
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Findings of the research found that the substance dependence resulted within a decade of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine use, 12–13% developed alcohol dependence, 8% cannabis dependence and 15–16% cocaine dependence. Research found that the transition to cannabis or cocaine dependence occurred faster than transition to nicotine or alcohol dependence this was due to shared mechanisms that both of the substances have in common.
Green et al (2010), finds that early cannabis use focusing on heavy use, has been found to have negative long-term consequences, such as learning attainment, employment status, teen pregnancy, and health problems. The studies main focus was to identify if drug use and criminal crimes have a relationship between the two, while very little was found between the two, the study did show that dropping out of high school somewhat intervenes with some links of heavy adolescent marijuana
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