How Can We Make a Change

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Priorities are the key to a healthy and fulfilled life. Humans live everyday, eating and drinking, an attempt to nourish their bodies with the nutrients to run properly. What if these so called nutrients, were in fact poisoned with sacrifice and saturated sugars and fats. In the paragraphs below I will be exploring different aspects of our nations food corporation, both how they produce their foods and how and how the nation accepts these foods to be sold at our local grocers. In our modern lifestyle there are two main goals to evolution. These goals are simply, the ability to use less energy and less time for the same result. As the world turns humans are getting ever closer to where their journey on this earth may come to an end. How is this related, you may wonder. Well multinational cooperations such as Costco and have the same goals in mind but as a cooperation not as an individual. The owners of these cooperations want there day to day tasks to be cheaper (more workers with lower wages) and faster (meaning skipping steps which would affect the quality of the food). Many of these corporations strive by tricking the public into believing that their products are in fact healthy and of a high quality when in reality it isn’t, this would persuade the buy that the extra dollar or two is guaranteeing that the food quality is better. These corporations are what I like to called a hidden label. A perfect example of this is Tyson chickens. Tyson chickens are known for

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