How Can You Make Hummus From Scratch?

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How to Make Hummus from Scratch

By Heylan Salih
Eastern Michigan University

General Goal: I want to inform my audience.

Specific Speech Goal: I would like the audience to learn how to make hummus

Thesis Statement:
I want to inform the audience about the ingredients you will need, step by step process and health benefits that are associated with hummus.

I. The New York reported that the hummus industry has grown from a $5 million industry in 1997 to a $530 million industry in 2012. Hummus being one of the many popular foods associated with the Arab culture. Hu
II. This topic is near and dear to my heart because growing up in a middle eastern background household, something I learned to love at a young age was cooking. But being a little kid what my parents let me do in the kitchen was very limited. Anything to do with a stove was out of the question until I was about 10 years old. So one of the first dishes that I was taught was how to make hummus. No matter what country in the middle east you are from you will find some type of variation of how to make this dish. Until this day it is still one of my favorite dishes and I would like to teach all of you how to make it.
III. Specifically, I would like everyone of you to leave this class today knowing the ingredients you will need, the exact step by step process, and the health benefits associated with hummus.

I. Just like any recipe, the first step is to gathering all of your ingredients. Knowing…

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