The Importance Of Cell Phones

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Cell Phones are objects that we see all around us every day, at all times of the day. However, everyone uses their cell phones in different ways for different reasons. The younger generation of this era does not know how it was in the past without such advanced technology like we have nowadays. Depending on the way that the owner of the phone uses it, shows how important it really is in their daily life and its importance in the owner’s lifestyle. In my opinion, cellphones are important to everyone of all ages because they inform us when there are amber alerts or weather alerts, to stay in contact with others just in case of an emergency, and to get around places with the use of google maps or other apps that are meant for maps.

Everyday in the world there are children who go missing and on our cellphones we get alerted that a child has gone missing, otherwise known as an amber alert. These are meant to inform the public that there is a person missing and typically the alert informs us on what kind of car they are driving, the color, or the license plates. People who take children, are a danger to the public, therefore with these kind of alerts we can be more aware of who is around us and possibly even help rescue the child and bring them back home safely. Along with amber alerts are weather alerts. Recently the weather in california, and other parts of the United States, has been having some tough weather situations. Our cellphones have been useful in the way that we get

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