How Changes At Adws ( Arkansas Department Of Workforce Services

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ADWS Transformation There are many different ways that a business can make a difference. This paper will give the insight of how changes at ADWS (Arkansas Department of Workforce Services) can transform them into a great company. With the different types of implementations taking place they will become top competitors with other businesses throughout the state. The recommended changes will be addressed along with the projected timeline it will be implemented. Knowing the background in why the organization was chosen, the significance, and history of the organizations. This will include diagnosis, have supporting data/analysis, recommended intervention, and applicable organizational behavior concepts. The recommended changes that will need to be implemented would be to make sure that the budget is followed to the specific regulations. Having a budget that is followed will allow for the offices to be more cautious on the amount of supplies that are being used and not to be wasteful. The next change would be making sure all of the agencies are up graded to better equipment for faster service to the clients. Some machinery is really old and need updated or upgraded to maximize the use of the local offices. What will be required during the changing process is a lot of patients and attention to detail to make sure that the process will work. Changes take time and the managers and staff will need to know how to implement these changes safely and effectively. Once the change

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