How Christianity Interects with Other Religions Essay

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In our globalized world we live in today, people are getting more and more connected in all aspects of life. The internet enables us to exchange thoughts and ideas with people from different continents. From a Christian point of view, this globalization process also brings different religions closer together. The issue we are discussing in class is how Christianity interacts with other religions. On the following pages, I will take a closer look at Christianity and their encounter with Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism. By examining the following questions, one should have a better idea how these religions are really defined: Who or what is God, how does life after death look like, and how do these religions define evil?
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Another religion explains God as cowardly, parting from the earth after a confrontation with angry humans. Some African religions refer to this High God as a superior creator who abandoned the universe and passed all divine power and responsibility onto the earthly spirits.
In Animistic cultures, life after death plays an important role as well. It accepts death as a rite of passage into the spiritual realm. The animistic view of life and death are so delicately intertwined that neither life stage is truly separate from the other; merely two sides of the same coin. For this reason, there is generally little or no distinction between a god and an ancestor’s spirit. Their spiritual duties and influences are indivisible, as gods are present among the ancestors, spirits, and humans. Sacrifices are usually made in the ancestor’s honor in order to keep peace, wealth, and health in good relations. Although there is no specific, universal doctrine for the Animistic culture, there are some common beliefs concerning the afterlife. Because Animism is centered around the concept of an interrelated spiritual and non-spiritual world, Animistic cultures believe that the spirits of those who die continue to live. Not only does the Animistic culture believe in the continuation of spiritual life after death, but they also believe in reincarnation. Aside from the

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