How Chubbs Changed My Life

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*Clank as I closed the cage for my cat as we set him in the backseat as we prepare for the vet. Wondering what was wrong with Chubbs. But what happened later changed my life forever. I wasn't ready for what happened. It strucked me hard. October 7th, 5:32 P.M That day we gave my cat a bath and well for starters it was a turning point down to the worst. Around add a later we noticed something was wrong with him, he was heavily breathing like the wind was always knocked out of him. It always looks like the energy was draining from him more more as I saw him. He started to stop eating to A limited amount, he used to be able to jump on my bed, well not anymore anyway. She wouldn't never really go up to me and you started sleeping more often. It…show more content…
I was getting ready for school tomorrow and I had made a miniature bed for chubs in the kitchen earlier that day. he was looking more dried out since the visit. my mom's friends had left a good 30 minutes ago they stopped by to see what is going on and to socialize of course, seeing the Bed I Made Chubbs they said goodbye to him and gave him a abundant amount of lovins. Around 10:05 p.m. I had got everything ready for bed and I gave chubbs a hug and kiss, telling i loved him before i went to bed. But what I didn't know that would be his last goodbye… October 16th 5:15 a.m. My mom woke me up and told me the news.. Chubbs has passed away. As she spoke those words it struck me like a bullet into my heart, Shattering my emotions like a glass mirror. after she had said that I quickly rushed into the kitchen. and I saw the lifeless corpse of my beloved cat. My first instinct was to take a picture with my Ipod, doing so I have took the picture and put the device away. Coming back to his corpse it struck me harder than a glass window being struck by a hammer.I got on my knees my face covered by the cold hard truth of what I had happened. being thrown into a pit list void of isolation depression, I didn't know what to do. only had one instinct to do which was cry. my parents also being shocked of the passing hugged each other in remorse. The lesson i've learned is that don't be attach yourself to someone to long. I have been hurt to long . This is dedicated to my first cat
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