How Clowns Are Become Contrary?

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“If by chance someday you're not feeling well and you should remember some silly thing I've said or done and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your clown has been fulfilled,” claims Red Skelton. Clowns are known to let people live in a happier conditions. When a clown is around, people always forget their pains, their problems and relieve their anxiety and stress due to stupid things that a clown can do that lead to a smile on all people’s face. People enjoy the clowns’ show: they make them happier, joyful and they see the positive side in their life. But what if the clowns became the scariest thing can happen to a person? In his report about the movie “IT”, Rex Huppke wrote that clowns are becoming …show more content…

People aren’t attending anymore circus and even not happy when they are in a birthday. Clowns make a big change in the emotional part of people. The movie “IT” reflect the idea of why people think that clown are scary. “In American, people are more afraid and terrified by clowns rather than terrorists attack” (Huppke). The text about the movie “IT” reflects us the idea of terrifying clowns based on the elements on rhetoric which it is released in early September. First, the purpose of the article shows people the importance of what they should expect to see in this film at the same time what based on a movie the mentality of the world will be shaped. Huppke is persuading people that clowns are scary and informing us what will happen in few years. This world is more related to American more than any other population so most audience of that film will at the first place Americans. The tone of the author was terrified after watching this movie “the movie scared the Raisinettes out of me” (Huppke). While watching the author “was shouting and jumping out of his seat”. This tone reflect to the reader an unsafe feeling and a bad mood. The structure of text is first descriptive: “the movies is about a clown named Pennywise who lives in a sewer and likes to eat children” (Huppke) then it is narrative. His use of world let people feel that the movie is super scary and clowns are terrifying “more than terrorists attacks are” (Huppke). He used a well-studied ethos, good sources and diction, with a perfect logos, structure of sentences and style, to catch the reader’s attention and give them the related emotions and

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