How Communication Has Changed Our Lives

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Since life has been on this earth, communication has been a thing. Obviously since man has been on earth, communication has enhanced such an insane amount. Even throughout these past few centuries communication has saved our lives. All thanks to technology assisting it. It’s an important subject because it’s overlooked and not really recognized. Although it has done good for us, it has definitely caused some negative effects and those are being shadowed. Which is strange because typically it would be the other way around but people are using their phones, laptops, video game console so often now, it’s destroying a lot of social skills. Communication has evolved with technology as its co-partner so much that there’s more and more…show more content…
Meaning texting and driving, walking, etc. People will do anything to communicate to their friends at that particular moment. Haley Eastman of Brigham Young University, who is a journalism major, made an article very close to this topic. And she pointed at that, “About 4.1 billion text messages are sent per day in the U.S., according to Answers Corporation” (Eastman, 2013). That was only a few years ago and I’m sure it has skyrocketed since. Again, it shows how valuable our communication is with the technology we have and how there is no limit to technology. The impact that technology has had on us incredible. We care for it, we upgrade it, we nourish it, and many more things. It’s something that consistently keeps us on our toes and what helps us make our lives 100x easier. Jennifer Deleo said something very intriguing and is a literature graduate, associate editor for pcmag, and more. She stated, “We treat technology as a family member—even if that is a little co-dependent. You can 't blame us, though; it 's certainly made aspects of our lives easier: We 're no longer forced to send letters through the postal service, book vacations through travel agents….”(Deleo, 2008). Although this is an old statement, it can still can be justified for it factual stance. We have become very dependent on this technology. Another impact to add to this as well, is that mass communication has
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