How Communication Skills Is Important For Any Beginnings

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Throughout the course at Kingston University, I have realised that communication skill is crucial aspect for any beginnings especially if you are taking this course in different language. Good communication skills is the most important factor to choose an employee. Before, let me go back and tell how it began. After graduating bachelor degree (Information Technology), back in Kazakhstan, most of my classmates started working as an IT managers, assistance in banks or commercial companies, so did I. However, I was not happy what I had achieved on that time and made a plan for three years in advance, the main objective was to receive Master’s degree qualification. When I started my master’s degree, I already knew English (Upper-intermediate …show more content…

Furthermore, during my presentation preparation my colleagues and me were meeting our mentor, there I realised that I was struggling to describe the main point of the project itself, making the teacher to describe one point repeatedly.
I have discovered before, that I am not confident enough of what I say even in a daily communication. After every lecture, my cohort and myself would go outside or get a coffee. I have been to quiet standing amongst them only listening and having no argument to express.


• Creative thinking skills (I often find alternative ways of doing stuff)
• MSc in International Business Management
• Critical Thinking skills
• BSc in Information Technology
• Capable of speaking in three languages: (English, Kazakh and Russian)
• Self-educated
• Easy motivated
• Team working skills (can listen others opinion and open to critical feedback)
• Adaptability (studied in three schools in three years in the UK)
• Computer skills (very good at office programs and familiar with web designing and 3D platforms)
• Leadership skills (I encourage others to reach the goal using creativity and motivation)
• CISI qualification (Finance qualification that I have participated)
• I am not afraid of taking responsibilities • Easy destructive (can switch from one work to another)
• Lazy (sometimes I do not want to do what I have to)

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