How Did Broadway Shows Affect American Culture

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Broadway Shows, Their Time Period and How It Relates to the American Culture Throughout American history there has been many events that have affected the way the United States is governed. Many of these events have been documented throughout letters, movies and plays that recreate them for future generations. It is these events and time periods that allow America to grow as a nation. When the United States were merely colonies, the Revolutionary War had taken place in which the colonists had gained their freedom from England. Although only ⅓ of colonists believed in the Revolution it was still a monumental event because the United States had gained its freedom. Other events like World War 2 and 9/11 played a similar role because it had a positive impact on the American culture. Smaller protests such as The Newsboy Strike of 1899 which occured in New York City was unknown to the general population of neighboring states but had a huge impact in New York. These events further helped the government of New York to grow as a state and reinform laws that helped the working class. In both the broadway shows, “Newsies” and “Hamilton” the setting is recreated to mirror the time period in which the events being portrayed have occurred as well as show the importance of them on the American society. Like most events, The Newsboy Strike of 1899 could have been prevented but many factors lead to this event which caused a great inconvenience to New York City. Due to the

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