How Did Robert Owen Use Socialism

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One of Robert Owen’s main ideas is about education he wanted everyone to receive an education. He thought that education is what made a person be what they are. It molds them. He wanted the children to learn lots of different things. He even taught things like dancing and did fun activities because he wanted learning to be a good experience for these children.
Some of the social ways that were in New Lanark were things like not a lot of punishment. Robert Owen really didn’t believe people should get in trouble. Another thing was the religion in New Lanark was really nonexistent. Robert owen didn’t seem to like the church very much. He often made people from the Church mad with the things he would say about them. Eventually it caused the socialist class and the church to go back and forth in an argument over religion. Robert Owen also didn’t like for the workers to be drunk while they worked. If you were caught drinking you could be made to pay big fees for being drunk. He also used a color system to make sure the workers were on their best behavior. Like the workers would receive a color and each color represented their behavior in the factory. Their
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In new Lanark they definitely practiced socialism. They all worked together in New Lanark instead of being individualistic in their goals.Everyone lived together and they worked together too. They all ran the factories and lived together in their villages. New Lanark was a great example of a socialist or utopian community. New Lanark was all about how they could work together and be a big community together. A few thousand people would help to run the mill at New Lanark everyday. This socialist community gave everyone education, a place to live, healthcare and many other benefits while having a focus just on the community. The type of socialism community also makes it so that the workers aren’t overworked and they were well respected in the New Lanark
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