How Did Russia Declared War With England?

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Russia had declared war with England. It had gone on for two years but the USSR had England surrounded for a couple of months. England had tried everything to break through and attack Russia then two months later England succeeded.
Russia had fallen back and they didn’t know what to do, so they started to send missiles over to England. It worked, the missile landed right next to London in the river; the river created a massive flood right in the centre of London. Everyone started to panic and no one knew what to do but like before England decided to strike again. Russia saw it coming; Russia had to evacuate their homes after they saw the bombs coming. Russia had no home and no weapons to strike back so they were defenceless but while …show more content…

“What if I refuse?” I asked. “We will take you to our closest military base and you will be executed,” the military recited again.
“No I want to stay here, find someone else,”
10 hours later
I felt my eyes open and I heard a loud buzzing noise, I realized I was in a plane. I tried to sit up but I felt tied and sleepy I never knew why. I finally had enough strength to sit up, I saw someone hovering over me. It was the person who was at my door, I quickly took a glance at my body I was wearing jeans and a shirt I never remember wearing this. The person standing over me finally said something and it was like he knew what I was going to say “Sir you are on one of are any aircraft we are heading to England we are going to drop you of and you are a spy ready to head straight into that country”, “but sir I never agreed to such thing” I replied. “We know but you are under military control and we can make you do anything”, he replied.
1 week later
I received a message from the Russian army about 10 minutes earlier it read ‘we have known location of Mandy she lives in house number 432 down Red Street, she is working for the British government and has known location about were the British bombs are located’
I walked down Red Street looking at all the bright light in the night sky; I have never seen such thing in my life until I felt myself freeze in place. This house is massive my first plan was to ring the doorbell and try to manipulate her.
I slowly

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