How Did Salvador Dali Change In The Face Of War

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Have you ever been haunted by your past? Have you seen traumatic,things or had something done to you that you would rather forget? Salvador Dali captures those feelings in his painting The Face of War. Dali captures the feeling of lingering thoughts or images in your head. Created in 1940 Dali painted The Face of War while he lived in California. The painting was created at the end of the Spanish Civil War and the beginning of the Second World War. The Face of War is a hauntingly intricate, and neutrally colored painting.
The Face of War portrays what seeing and being a part of something like war can do to you. The meaning of this painting is to catch your eye and force you to ponder about the trauma of war on a person. The eyes hollowed out, …show more content…

1) Salvador Dali changed the way he painted after 1939, his paintings changed from surrealism to pop culture. This is not necessarily untrue, but was not the entire truth. The Face of War was painted in 1940, of a hollowed face with infinite faces within it, which forces it a more surrealistic painting than pop culture. Those years after Dali moved from surrealism painting and was criticized by multiple people during that period. Stolz also says that multiple people overlook Dalis painting and other work after …show more content…

Dali described the loss of his mother as one of the biggest blows in his life. His mother supported his decisions with painting. His experience with pain fueled parts of his paintings such as the painting Portrait of my Dead Brother. Dali shifted away from painting and also created ads, photography, and clothing. Dali was obsessed with making money and becoming well known. After all this time he is one of the most influential artists along with Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Numerous young artists strive to create paintings as the one he did with that style and creativity. The Face of War draws your attention for a second glance and creates a tiny pause for confusion. For those who look deep into the painting, they can quickly figure out the meaning based on the help of the title of the painting. There is not one meaning of this painting there are various interpretations for aspects of the painting. But if you have experience with misery or troubled times in life you would relate to this painting more than

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