How Did Shakespeare Contribute To Romeo And Juliet

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Shakespeare Biography “Wherefore art thou Romeo,” are words that most of inhabitants on Earth knows. Many would mistake as if Juliet, the female lead, was awaiting his arrival, asking where Romeo is. However, wherefore, actually defines as why, to be why are you Romeo? A deeper understanding of this line would be Juliet desiring Romeo to be another person, specifically someone who’s family isn’t a rival to Juliet’s. A reason being is to freely express her feelings to Romeo. It’s brilliant how the author portrays vivid emotion into his writing, and that man is no other than William Shakespeare. As a matter of fact, Shakespeare is known to be one of the greatest writers. But, how else could we see this genius as no other than a simple playwright? On April 26, 1564 Shakespeare was born during the Victorian era and under a glove maker and a tradesman. Since time has passed, the lifestyle has changed like hygiene. An example of hygiene from the past was the people not bathing because they believed that it was filthy and would let diseases into their bodies. Additionally, the lifestyle was so horrible that the life expectancy was 45 for those who didn’t work hard labor. Luckily, Shakespeare lived to attend school around the age of seven, although he…show more content…
Throughout his time, he has written a total of 884,647 words and 118,406 lines. Not to mention, Shakespeare was not only a poet, but he invented some words like amazement, bedroom, champion, dawn, eyeball, and fashionable. William Shakespeare died in his birth town on 1616, but his work still lives on. Centuries later after his time, Shakespeare is still active in our daily lives through his talent. William Shakespeare is truly as he stated, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon
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