How Did Titians Influence The Renaissance

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Mazzocco defines Humanism as “a system of thought that focuses on humans and their values, capacities, and worth; a cultural and intellectual movement of the Renaissance that emphasized human potential to attain excellence and promoted direct study of the literature, art, and civilization of classical Greece and Rome.” In other words, Humanists were more curious about life in the present and focused on the achievements of the individual. Hence, instead of religious issues, humanists examined worldly subjects that the ancient Greeks and Romans had studied. This led the people of the Renaissance to become interested in other areas of science, the natural world, biology and astronomy. Humanism had direct effects on Renaissance paintings, as the…show more content…
Harold states that towards 1521, Titian simultaneously continued a series of small Madonnas, which he placed in beautiful landscapes, in the manner of genre pictures or poetic pastorals. In 1525, he married Cecilia and they had three children. However, in his later career, Titian focused more on religious and mythological works and became more and more of a perfectionist. However, he left many of his paintings unfinished and took several years to do many final, insignificant details. Sadly, on Aug. 27, 1576, Titian died in his spacious palace in Venice. Titian left a legacy that would inspire generations of artists that came after him.
One of Titian’s paintings that reflected the influence of humanism was his “Madonna and Child, 1508.” By the 15th century, humanism spawned a renewed use of mythological narratives in art works. The sacred figures in this painting are the Virgin Mary and her son Christ, who both emit a fascinating humanity. The medium of this painting is oil on wood. The thin layers of oil helped Titian to paint and create a bright surface with depth and glow. He chose this medium because it helped to create softer images filled with vibrantly blended colors. In addition, it helped Titian to create life –like images with seamlessly blended shadows and highlights. The painting has
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