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Nicole Saggio EDSP 411 How Difficult Can This Be? F.A.T. City Workshop 1. After viewing the F.A.T. City workshop clips, what did you see as one of the main “take-away” messages? I choose some take away messages from different sections throughout the film. I will use the information from the video and apply it to my everyday tasks in my future classroom. Starting from the beginning of the film with the “Difficult Times to Processing” section it allows me to understand students with learning disabilities have twice as much to process, question and answer so they need more time. The “Risk Taking” section taught me how students with learning disabilities like reassurance and do not like surprises. If I have a student with a…show more content…
Teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents and friends participated in Richard Lavoie's workshop. After they completed the workshop they reflected their experience and the way it changed their approach and viewpoints to children with learning disabilities. Rather than straight lecture, the workshop requires the participants to try for themselves in a classroom simulation, taking the place of child with a learning disability. Richard Lavoie stated that if they don't want to role play or get involved, that's too bad because learning disabled students don't get a choice whether they want to be in the classroom. He was shooting questions at a rapid-fire pace, questions that would be simple if given the time or a less hostile environment. I expected all of the participants to be able to respond, but within six minutes of the workshop, they all began showing signs of shutting down. 3. The purpose of the film is to orient workshop participants (and by extension, viewers of the video) to the general characteristics of students with learning disabilities. What is one strategy that you have seen that would support one of the characteristics or needs of as student with a learning disability? I am very glad I got to watch this film, it gave me insight on how much harder learning and school is for a child with a learning disability. I would recommend this film to all aspiring teachers. I plan to

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