How Diversity Makes USarter Summary

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As humans, we define generations as different types of people from different times. Each generation had its own unique characteristics that defined their time. Though the variety of each time was great, it could have some additions from the new generation. One major thing the new generation could inform the “oldies” is that, accepting others put us far as a majority. Understanding different types of people without fear can bring happiness and success to lives, without trouble. The older generation tended to push people in the corner who thought differently. This type of treatment impacted them greatly by making the world less connected. Connection is something the new generation has invested in and has made peace with one another. Now, there are multiple organizations and meetings to make us closer and more understanding. These connections creates less violence that the “oldies” have seen. In total, connecting with one another makes greater improvements for the future ahead. …show more content…

According to Katherine W Phillips, writer of How Diversity Makes Us Smarter, she gives a detailed analysis on how this understanding of others and cultures will make one smarter. She states, “It encourage the search for novel information and perspectives, leading to better decision making and problem solving.” (Phillips, “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter”). The older generation would probably argue on this, but researchers have proven the more someone understands different cultures and lifestyles, the more sympathetic and smarter they get. The thing is, being afraid to accept others easily has affected them greatly in their time and the “oldies” should know the

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