How Do Children Develop?

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How do children develop? Development in children is a fragile process with many different influences. Most children develop normally without any issues, however 1 in 60 children suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout their lives (“Facts About Autism” n.d.). In fact the number of children who suffer from the Autistic Spectrum Disorder has grown over the last decade (“Facts About Autism” n.d.). Autism is a brain disorder that usually shows up in childhood and carries on throughout adulthood. Autism makes it difficult to talk and relate to other people, and causes difficulties in social interaction. How much it effects you varies, you can be on the low end of the spectrum or the high end of the spectrum. However, every child that has ASD develops at a slower rate than the children that develop normally. It doesn’t affect children mentally however; many very smart people have autism, such as Albert Einstein, Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin (“Famous People With Autism” n.d.). Autism affects children socially more than anything thing else, but how does autism effect children’s social development throughout their childhood and the rest of their lives? Autism is a condition that affects how you communicate with others, and because of this Autism makes it harder to develop socially, and harder to talk to other people. In the book “Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children” Steven Gutstein states that most positive relationships with

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