How Do Digital Media Affect The Classroom?

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By picking language apart as if it were an object, simply looking at syntax, phonology, and semantics you understand only a small part of it, you do not learn how it works when it is in people 's minds and mouths. In this essay I will firstly be explaining my understanding of the topic sentence, as well as discussing how it is important for a teacher to understand language, both as an object, as its parts as well as language as a whole, in motion. I will then be talking about how digital media in the classroom can provide a way to involve all children overcoming the differences in language they may have, but that a teacher would have to keep in mind that not all children will have the same level of understanding and proficiency with …show more content…

For example the word stand. Most English speaking people know what the word means, but if someone were to take a sentence with the word stand in it and pick it apart would they discover what meaning is being used in that instance? Possibly, although it would be much easier and faster to look at the sentence as a whole, the context, who is saying or writing it, and what is their body language (if available) like? A teacher talking to a student in their classroom would likely say 'please stand up ', and everyone there would recognize that they meant stand in it 's literal, physical meaning, while a controversial person in front of a crowd shouting 'stand up ' would thought to have meant stand up in what you believe in, stand up in the metaphorical sense rather than literal, however if simply looking at the two sentences ( 'please stand up ' and 'stand up ') and focusing only on the parts the true meanings become hard to discern. Therefore it is evident that while much can be learnt by picking a language apart and seeing how all the parts work together much more can be understood by watching and listening to language in motion, through people speaking (in person or recording), writing, and body language.

In any given classroom there will be children from

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