How Do Schools Reduce Childhood Obesity?

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One in three Canadian children are overweight. The amount of kids being obese has quadrupled in the past 30 years. 170 million children worldwide are overweight. Saskatchewan and Alberta has a significantly higher obesity rate than other Canadian provinces, a factor of that is because of schools serving unhealthy choices. Schools offer unhealthy food because it’s widely available and much cheaper. Schools need to integrate healthier food options and limit the junk food offered in their building. Nutrition affects our children's academic skills, without the essential nutrients, kids brains aren't fully functioning to the potential they could reach. If schools could integrate healthier food choices and dim down the amount of junk food the obesity pandemic would be lowered. …show more content…

This is because of unhealthy food being so cheap and available from vending machines that these kids are unaware of the long term effects. An article written by dietitian Timi Gustafson in 2012 stated that consuming low amounts of nutrients necessary for good health may cause an individual's IQ scores to lower. Memory skills, languages skills, and social skills which are crucial to maintain your well-being will be affected with bad eating habits. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are a main factor in heart attacks, and that's exactly what they are headed for in their futures if unhealthy habits continue to trend on. If a kid is eating healthy and being active whenever they can, this will also affect their academic levels; a child who eats unhealthy and does not get enough of their nutrients, this lowers one's IQ

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