How Do We Get The Door Open?

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"Wait a minute, Rachel says. "Wasn 't there a sign in the hallway about an elevator under construction?" "I don 't know. And I don 't know why I 'm in here or what 's going on." "Sue." Rachel says through gritted teeth. "She locked them up to demoralize us and the Warblers. Come on let 's go." They run down the hallway to the corded off elevator. Rachel leans her ear against the door and listens. A faint vibration buzzes against her ear. Brittany 's face suddenly appears in front of Rachel. "What are you doing?" Brittany asks. "I think Kurt and Blaine are stuck in there. How do we get the door open?" Rachel asks. "You press the button," Brittany says, leaning forward and poking it with her finger. XOXOXOXO Kurt has Blaine bent over …show more content…

"Yes it is. My two gay dads-" "Nope," Kurt inturupts. "I am *not* listening to you talk about your dads having sex. And way to jump to conclusions. Sue locked us in here to force us to get back together." "Did you?" Brittany asks. "They 're having sex," Rachel says. "They 're together." "Santana and I do it all the time and we 're not together." "Can we discuss this later?" Kurt demands. "Or never. Never would be better. Just turn around or something." There are three kinds of people in the world - those that understand Brittany and those that don 't. He really doesn 't want to be someone who understands her right now. Rachel 's hand remains over her eyes. Sam turns around. Brittany stands there smiling, gaze focused on Kurt and Blaine. Kurt knows he shouldn 't let go enough to come with Brittany watching. He whispers, "we can finish this later." Sliding himself out required several deep breaths to keep himself under control. Despite his efforts to keep himself covered, he was pretty sure Brittany got an eyeful when he reached down to yank his pants up. Stuffing his dick back in his pants should have been easy. All the blood in his body felt like it was in his face, so why was he still hard. Blaine uses his position on the bed to keep his dick covered while he got his pants sorted out. Kurt makes a half hearted attempt to fix his hair before giving up. He walks out of the elevator, head high, and

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