How Do We Reflect Our Identity?

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The question who am I is an interesting question because not only reflect one's own views, but it also reflects the way which society has viewed us. We are a reflection of our society and the zeitgeist of the times. Individuals at times might try to appropriate a different identity, but society often keeps them from categorizing oneself outside the perceived category. For example, Rachel Dolezal, who identifies differently from what others perceive her as. Even though race is socially constructed she is still perceived as a Caucasian woman trying to appreciate the African American culture. Although she believed herself to be a black society still views her as a Caucasian woman. Nevertheless, an individual may look at themselves in a specific…show more content…
Although I do not actually remember learning English, I do remember the struggles and issues that came with having an apparent accent. I confused words and used them in the wrong context. It was hard to communicate my mom had to go through because of language. Language also came with a different culture and a different mentality. In Spanish there are different ways to say I love you and each has a different use. I believe this is because the national culture is more affectionate, so there is more of a need to have a variety of saying I love you. Language has also impacted my identity because growing up bilingual I had to navigate using two languages, and there were times in which I could not sufficiently express myself fully in one of the languages and I felt as though the other language would be more appropriate. There was the specific time where my mom said something silly and I told her in English “shame on you.” After I told her the literal translation she thought I meant that I was ashamed of her and she was very offended. I realized that language, although is universal it cannot be translated from one language to another word for word. I did not think that I would offend my mother by saying a typical American saying but in the context, she was
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