How Does A Parent Decide Their Caregiving Style

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Childhood is a time where children are greatly influenced by the world around them. Fellow peers, coaches, teachers and in particular parents all have the power to help shape a child’s world for better or worse. For parents in particular whether they are biological, nuclear, foster or adoptive have a heavy task through a child’s development. How does a parent decide their caregiving style? Of course it is not as simple as picking and choosing a preferred parenting style as it may depend on the child or the parent themselves. Many have researched the topic of parenting styles, but one psychologist 's findings in particular have continued to build the groundwork of this topic. “[Diana] Baumrind found that parents differed in four important …show more content…

First off is authoritarian parenting. Children who are in an authoritarian household are not only unhappy, but find that they are commonly repressing their feelings and as such fostering depression and guilt. Berger states that: “Authoritarian parents raise children who become conscientious, obedient, and quiet but not especially happy... [they] tend to feel guilty or depressed , internalizing frustrations and blaming themselves when things don’t go well” (2014, p.288). Each parenting style is comprised as four main dimensions as described by Berger: “Baumrind found that parents differed on four important dimensions: 1. Expressions of warmth... 2. Strategies for discipline,,, 3. Communication... 4.Expectations for maturity...” (2014, p.287). First authoritarian parents are seen as cold and distant to their children who are thus cut off from a true emotional connection with their parents, second an authoritarian parent is strict and in some cases physical, communication only really occurs when the parent speaks to the child rather than having the child speak to them and finally children are expected to be responsible and mature at all times (Berger, 2014 p.287). Parenting styles are related to many different factors and these four dimensions help to explain in broad terms the effects of parenting a particular way. Rubin and Kelly found that: “parenting style predicts children’s mental health and psychosocial

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