The Fbi Behavior Analysis Unit

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Karley Pecosky Psychology Parenting Styles The FBI Behavior Analysis Unit can profile a person down to the type of household they grew up in. Behavior as an adult, especially of a psychopath, is usually in correlation to a traumatic event of their childhood, usually involving their parents. The FBI has the ability to analyze all the behaviors of a person and tell you what kind of car they are mostly likely to drive, what profession they are most likely involved in, and in most cases, links to why their behavior is what it is. In fact, “children who experience child abuse and neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity” (Harlow 1999). So does parenting matter? The answer is obvious. Yes, parenting matters. But what also matters is your parenting style, and how you raise your children. There are several distinct parenting styles noted in psychology. But where did they come from? Diana Baumrind has been accredited for formulating these specific parenting styles. Born in 1927, Diana Baumrind later pursued a degree in psychology. She became a well-known developmental psychologist. In the early 1960’s, Diana Baumrind performed research on childcare, which later she became famous for. In her study, her team and herself kept up with more than 100 middle class families with preschool age children. She used interviews and pure observation as her primary research techniques. Diana Baumrind’s main goal of her study was to “formulate and evaluate
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