How Does Atticus Explain Rape To Scout?

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Dom DiPiero Mrs. Burkett Am Lit Ch. 13-14 November 14, 2015 Chapter 14 1. How does Atticus explain Rape to Scout? He gives her a legal definition, which she does not understand. (182) 2. What does Jem tell Scout she should do when dealing with Aunt Alexandra and how does she react to this suggestion? Jem tells Scout not to antagonize Alexandra; Scout resents the fact that Jem is giving her advice and she thinks he is getting too big for his britches. (185) 3. Why does Dill run away from home? He enjoys spending the summers with Jem and Scout, but his parents pay no attention to him and this bother him a lot. (187) 4. What does Jem do that shocks Dill and Scout? He tells Atticus that Dill ran away. Scout and Dill are shocked because Jem told
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